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Secret Sphere - Mistress of the Shadowlight(1999)

Band: Secret Sphere
Album: Mistress of the Shadowlight
Release Year: 1999
Country: Italy (Alessandria, Piedmont)
Genre: Power Metal

Current line-up:

Roberto "Ramon" Messina - Vocals (1997-) (Alkemyst, Hemisphere, Highlord, Avatar (Ita))
Aldo Lonobile - Lead Guitar (1997-) (Civilization One, Beto Vázquez Infinity)
Marco Pastorino - Guitar (2009-) (Shining Fury, Timesword, The Ritual, Ivory (Ita))
Andrea Buratto - Bass (1997-)
Gabriele Ciaccia - Keyboards (2009-)
Federico Pennazzato - Drums (2005-) (Deformachine, Odd Dimension,Jason Goes to Hell)

Former/past member(s):

Guitar :
Gianmaria Saggi (1997)
Paolo "Paco" Giantotti (1997-2009)

Drums :
Cristiano Scagliotti (1997-1998)
Luca Cartasegna (1998-2003) (Civilization One)
Dave Simeone (2004) (Eldritch (Ita), Bruno Teodori, Death SS)
Daniel Flores (2004-2005) (Evil Masquerade, Hubi Meisel, Zool, Fatal Force (Dnk), Tears of Anger, Xsavior, Afterglow (Swe)/Mind's Eye (Swe), The Codex, 7days, Crash the System, Silent Call, Mindcage, The Murder of my Sweet)

Keyboards :
Antonio Agate (1997-2009) (Odd Dimension)


01. Dawn of Time
02. Age of Wizard 06
03. Recall of the Valkyrie
04. On the Wings of Sun
05. Twilight of Fairy Tale
06. White Lion
07. Labyrinth of Glass
08. Seren
09. Secret Sphere

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