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Iron Fire - Metalmorphosized(2010)

Band: Iron Fire
Album: Metalmorphosized
Release Year: 2010
Country: Denmark (Copenhagen)
Genre: Traditional/Power Metal

Current line-up:

Martin Steene - Vocals (Force of Evil, Nightlight)
Kirk Backarach (Mads Korre Andersen) - Guitars
Martin Lund - Bass (Morbid Vision (Dnk), Magic)
Fritz Wagner - Drums

Former/past member(s):

Kristian "Iver" Iversen (1995-2000) (Nembience)
Kristian H. Martinsen (also Percussion) (1998-2001)
Martin Slott (1998-2002)
Søren Jensen (2002-2003) (Corpus Mortale, Granhammer, Human Machine, Crapulence (Dnk), Six String Slaughter)
Jeff Lukka (Blinded by Fear)
Johan Jacob "J.J." Høvring Olsen
Marc Masters (Forcentury) (-2009)

Jakob Lykkebo (1998-2001) (Blinded by Fear)
Jose Cruz (Blinded by Fear, Nembience)
Christian Martinsen (Live 2004)

Gunnar Olsen (1998-2000)
Tony Olsen (2001)
Morten Plenge (2001-2003) (Coitus Interruptus, Saturnus, Push (Dnk))
Steve Mason (Blinded by Fear, Atomkraft)
Jimmi Holm (Live 2004)
Martin Sunddal
Jens Berglid (Sons of Tomorrow, Feeble Lies, Starrats, Fate (Dnk), Black Succubi)

In this disc:

Special Guests:

Ivan Grosmeyer: Guest vocals on track, 5
Sofie Emilie Puggaard: Guest vocals on track, 6

Rune Stiassny (Saturnus) : All keyboarding on album

The album features 14 tracks in total, some previously unreleased songs from
recordings between On The Edge and Revenge, others completely new.

The album also features guest appearances by all former Iron Fire members.

Tracks 2,4,5,6,7,9,11,12,13 are from the demos

Tracks 1,3,8,10 are completely new songs

Bonus tracks on the Digipack editions:


01. Reborn To Darkness
02. Nightmare
03. Still Alive
04. Back In The Pit
05. The Underworld
06. Crossroad
07. Riding Through Hell
08. Left For Dead
09. The Graveyard
10. My Awakening
11. Drowning In Blood
12. The Phantom Symphony

Link: (Depositfiles)
Bitrate: mp3/VBR V2


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