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Persuader - Evolution Purgatory(2004)

Band: Persuader
Album: Evolution Purgatory
Release Year: 2004
Country: Sweden (Umeå)
Genre: Power Metal

Current line-up:

Jens Carlsson - Vocals (Savage Circus, Dark Empire (USA))
Emil Norberg - Lead Guitar (Savage Circus)
Daniel Sundbom - Rhythm Guitar (Guillotine (Swe))
Fredrik Hedström - Bass
Efraim Juntunen - Drums (Guillotine (Swe))

Former/past member(s):

Pekka Kiviaho - Guitar (-2001) (Auberon, One Man Army and the Undead Quartet, Fraction of Chaos)


01. Strike Down
02. Sanity Soiled
03. Masquerade
04. Godfather
05. Turn to Dust
06. Passion / Pain
07. Raise Hell
08. To the End
09. Fire at Will
10. Wipe Out

Link: (Mediafire)
Bitrate: 320kbps!

Download Part 1/2

Download Part 2/2

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