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Dean Clea & Emir Hot - The Quarterworlds Of Fantasia(2008)

Band: Dean Clea & Emir Hot
Album: The Quarterworlds Of Fantasia
Release Year: 2008
Country: Croatia
Genre: Progressive/Power Metal

Current line-up:

Emir Hot - Guitar (Neon Knights, Southern Storm)
Dean Clea Brkic - Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Mandolins, Narrations (Osmi Putnik, Witchcraft (Hrv), Pandora (Hrv))
Damien Thorn - Drums


01. The Beginning...
02. Welcome to the World Beyond (instrumental)
03. The Palace of Remembrance
04. At the Place Where Angels Dare to Live (instrumental)
05. Garden of Forevermore
06. The Fruits of the Life Eternal (instrumental)
07. From Oblivion and Into the Blue
08. Under Open Skies (instrumental)
09. Sentinels of Perfect Harmony
10. The Game of Sunlight and Moonlight (instrumental)
11. And the Spirit Carries On
12. House of Stargods (instrumental)
13. Isle of Wonder
14. Sea of Tranquility (instrumental)
15. Eldritch and The Song
16. The Transcendence River (instrumental)
17. Whisper of the Waves
18. Lake of the Zillion Smilies (instrumental)
19. Quest for Eternity
20. Fountain of Youth (instrumental)
21. Where Future and Past Glaze Together
22. The Gallery of Illusions (instrumental)
23. The Cradle of the Elves' Nation
24. Waterfalls of Fantasia (instrumental)
25. Follow Your Heart or ...And the Story Ends

Link: (Depositfiles)
Bitrate: 320kbps!


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