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Helloween - Seven Sinners(2010)

Band: Helloween
Album: 7 Sinners
Release Year: 2010
Country: Germany (Hamburg)
Genre: Speed/Power Metal

Current line-up:

Andi Deris - Vocals (1994-) (Pink Cream 69, Kymera)
Michael Weikath - Guitars (1983-) (Powerfool)
Sascha Gerstner - Guitars (2002-) (Freedom Call, Lanzer)
Markus Grosskopf - Bass (1983-) (Weinhold, Avantasia, Shock Machine, Bassinvaders, Kickhunter)
Dani Löble - Drums (2005-) (Rawhead Rexx, Glenmore, Blaze (Gbr), Höllenhunde)

Former/past member(s):


Michael Kiske (1986-1993) (Supared, Place Vendome, Ill Prophecy, Unisonic)


Kai Hansen (1983-1988, and vocals 1983-1986) (Iron Fist (Deu), Gamma Ray, Iron Savior)

Roland Grapow (1989-2001) (Masterplan, MVP, Locomotive Breath, Kotipelto, Rampage (Deu))


Ingo Schwichtenberg (1983-1993) (R.I.P. March 8, 1995, suicide by jumping in front of a subway train)

Uli Kusch (1994-2001) (Masterplan, Shock Machine, Gamma Ray, Holy Moses (Deu), Mekong Delta, Roland Grapow, Beautiful Sin, Axe La Chapelle, Ride The Sky)

Mikkey Dee (Session, 2002) (Motörhead, King Diamond, Don Dokken, Geisha (Dnk), WWIII)

Mark Cross (2002) (Metalium (Deu), Winters Bane, At Vance, Nightfall (Grc), God's Army, The Supremacy, Firewind, Outloud (Grc), Magna Carta, Spitfire (Grc))

Stefan Schwarzmann (2003-2005) (Krokus, Paradox (Deu), Running Wild, Accept, U.D.O., Herman Frank, Voice, Cronos Titan, X-Wild, Thomsen)


Jörn Ellerbrock (Session, 1991-2003)


01. Where The Sinners Go
02. Are You Metal?
03. Who is Mr. Madman?
04. Raise The Noise
05. World Of Fantasy
06. Long Live The King
07. The Smile Of The Sun
08. You Stupid Mankind
09. If A Mountain Could Talk
10. The Sage, The Fool, The Sinner
11. My Sacrifice
12. Not Yet Today
13. Far In The Future

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Bitrate: CBR192 kbps
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