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Galloglass - Heavenseeker(2005)

Band: Galloglass
Album: Heavenseeker
Release Year: 2005
Country: Germany (Hannover, Lower Saxony)
Genre: Melodic Power Metal

Last known line-up:

Andrew McDermott - Vocals (Threshold (Gbr), Sargant Fury, Yargos)
Norbert Geiseler - Guitar
Kai Mühlenbruch - Guitar (Desolation (Deu), Seventh Avenue)
Shaker Elmosa - Bass (Taraxacum, Sway)
Arnd Lorenz - Drums (Cannon)

Former/past member(s):

Vocals :
Carsten Frank (Human Fortress, Serpent Moves, Athorn)

Bass :
Dirk Kuhner-Zelmer (Serpent Moves)


1.Burden of Grief
2.After Forever
3.Perished in Flames
4.Dawn of a New Age
5.Banished from Eternity
6.At the Shadowcross
7.To Kneel is to Suffer
10.Beyond the Mirror
11.Kings Who Die

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