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Pathfinder - Beyond The Space Beyond The Time(2010)

Band: Pathfinder
Album: Beyond The Space Beyond The Time
Release Year: 2010
Country: Poland (Poznan)
Genre: Symphonic Power Metal

Current line-up:

Szymon Kostro - Vocals (Privateer, Scrat)
Karol Mania - Guitar (Abigail (Pol))
Gunsen - Guitar
Slawomir (Slawek) Belak - Keyboards, Orchestration (SIR.SAW)
Arkadius Ruth - Bass, Orchestration
Kamil Ruth - Drums


01. Deep into that Darkness Peering...
02. The Whisper of Ancient Rocks
03. Vita Reducta Through the Portal
04. Pathway to the Moon
05. All the Mornings of the World
06. The Demon Awakens
07. Undiscovered Dreams
08. The Lord of Wolves
09. Sons of Immortal Fire
10. Stardust
11. Dance of Flames
12. The Island of Immortal Fire
13. Beyond the Space, Beyond the Time
14. What if...

Link: (Rapidshare)
Bitrate: VBR~178-224kbps


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