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Galloglass - Legends from Now and Nevermore(2003)

Band: Galloglass
Album: Legends from Now and Nevermore
Release Year: 2003
Country: Germany (Hannover, Lower Saxony)
Genre: Melodic Power Metal

Last known line-up:

Andrew McDermott - Vocals (Threshold (Gbr), Sargant Fury, Yargos)
Norbert Geiseler - Guitar
Kai Mühlenbruch - Guitar (Desolation (Deu), Seventh Avenue)
Shaker Elmosa - Bass (Taraxacum, Sway)
Arnd Lorenz - Drums (Cannon)

Former/past member(s):

Vocals :
Carsten Frank (Human Fortress, Serpent Moves, Athorn)

Bass :
Dirk Kuhner-Zelmer (Serpent Moves)


01.Dragons Revenge
02.Ancient Times
03.A Wintertale
04.Remember the Fire
05.Legends from Now and Nevermore
06.The Conjuring
07.Eye to Eye
08.Crusade of the Damned
09.The Quest
10.The Last Stand

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