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Auvernia - Afraid of Me(2010)

Band: Auvernia
Album: Afraid of Me
Release Year: 2010
Country: Argentina (Buenos Aires)
Genre: Symphonic/Progressive/Power Metal

Current line-up:

Fernando H. Varela - Vocal, Guitar
Juan Pablo Verni - Drums

Former/past member(s):

Guitar :
Sebastián Olivera

Bass :
Guido Quaranta
Pablo Lurbe (Warbreed)
Leonardo Gabriel Boan Adam

Keyboards :
Maximiliano Vaccaro
Eric Roldán (Atake del Dragon, Furia (Arg))


01. Meeting
02. Throw Your Fear Away
03. And So Its Starts
04. Anguish
05. No Time for Time
06. Interludio Porteño
07. Self-Reflective Fear
08. Out of My Hands
09. Your Own Universe
10. Ode to Life
11. Another Conscience
12. We are Complete

Link: (iFolder)
Bitrate: CBR192kbps


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