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Seven Gates (Ita) - The Good and the Evil(2008)

Band: Seven Gates
Album: The Good and the Evil
Release Year: 2008
Country: Italy (Florence, Tuscany)
Genre: Melodic Power Metal

Current line-up:

Eugent Bushpepa - Vocals
Marco Moroni - Guitar (Mistyland)
Tommaso Vitali - Guitar
Simone Vermigli - Bass
Fabrizio Marnica - Keyboards (Oracle Sun)
Lorenzo Innocenti - Drums (Earthmover, Lokasenna, Idyll ov Ghosts)

Former/past member(s):

Vocals :
Max Carrai
Federico Puleri (Vision Divine, Exence)
Cesare Capaccioni

Drums :
Paolo Baroni


01. Message To the Stars
02. Vengeance
03. I don't believe
04. The Dragon'kiss
05. Ride The Wild
06. Freedom
07. Cry Of Efestus
08. Honour And Pride
09. 17
10. Burning Clouds

Link: (Mediafire)
Bitrate: 192-320kbps


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