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Double Dealer (Jpn) - Fate & Destiny(2005)

Band: Double Dealer
Album: Fate & Destiny
Release Year: 2005
Country: Japan
Genre: Melodic Power Metal

Last known line-up:

Takenori Shimoyama - vocals (Saber Tiger, Androgenus, Sixride)
Norifumi Shima - guitars (Concerto Moon, Crystal Clear (Jpn), Dion (Jpn), D.T.F.M.)
Yoshio Isoda - drums (Saber Tiger, Sixride)
Toshiyuki Koike - keyboards (Concerto Moon)
Takanobu Kimoto - bass (Concerto Moon, Precious, Burny Project)

Former/past member(s):

Kohsaku Mitani - bass (Concerto Moon)


01. Stream of Time
02. The Cruel End
03. No Reason
04. Shedded Blood
05. Meaning of Life
06. The Beast Fang to Tear Down
07. Pieces of my Soul
08. Signal Fire
09. Flame of Regret
10. Forgive all the Lies
11. S.O.S.

Link: (Megaupload)
Bitrate: 320kbps!

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