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Iron Mask(Bel) - Revenge is my Name (2002)

Band: Iron Mask
Album: Revenge Is My Name
Release Year: 2002
Country: Belgium
Genre: Neoclassical Power Metal

Current line-up:

Goetz "Valhalla Jr" Mohre - Vocals
Roma Siadletski - Vocals (Magic Kingdom)
Dushan Petrossi - Guitar (Magic Kingdom)
Vassili Moltchanov - Bass (Cryme, Magic Kingdom)
Erik Stout - Drums (Vengeance (Nld))

Oliver Hartmann - Vocals (At Vance, Aina, Empty Tremor)
Richard Andersson - Keyboards (Space Odyssey, Majestic, Adagio (Fra), Silver Seraph, Evil Masquerade, Expedition Delta, Time Requiem)

Former/past member(s):

Phil Letawe (Karyan, Cryme, Stormy Night)

Youri Degroote

Anton Arkhipov (Exhumator (Blr), Magic Kingdom)
Mike Terrana (Savage Circus, Axel Rudi Pell, Rage (Deu), Empire (Deu), Roland Grapow, Squealer (Deu), Zillion (USA), Victor Smolski, Metalium (Deu), Yngwie J. Malmsteen, Kiko Loureiro, John West, Tony MacAlpine, Gamma Ray, Masterplan, Hanover Fist, Not Fragile, Emir Hot, Zillion (Deu), Artension, Razorback, Tarja, Downhell (Kor), Beau Nasty)


01. Enemy Brother Overture
02. Revenge is My Name
03. March of Victory
04. The Witch Burner
05. Alien Pharao
06. Dimension X
07. Morgana's Castle
08. You Are My Blood
09. The Wolf and the Beast
10. Secret Tunnel of the King
11. Hold the Light
12. Warchild Requiem

Link: (Megaupload)
Bitrate: 320kbps!


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