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Cellador (USA) - Enter Deception(2006)

Band: Cellador
Album: Enter Deception
Release Year: 2006
Country: United States of America (Omaha, Nebraska)
Genre: Speed/Power Metal

Current line-up:

Chris Petersen - Guitar
Yord - Guitar
Mika Horiuchi - Bass (Netherelm)

Former/past member(s):

Warren "Andy" Curry (Voyd, Lords of Steel)
Michael Gremio (fka Michael Smith Jr.) (Desire to Destroy)

Sam Chatham (Mysera)
Bill Hudson (The Supremacy, Power Quest, Circle II Circle, Avian (USA) (Guest), Written in Blood)

Josh Krohn (also Vocals)
Valentin Rakhmanov (Desire to Destroy)

Albert Kurniawan
Joey "Necrotic Fleshrot" Cardenas (Sepulcro (USA), Gravestorm, Army of in Between, Unknown Remains Found at The Scene, Soul Disposal, Deadly Sanchez, Earrape (USA), Homesick Abortion)
Rick Halverson (Narcotic Self, Pro-Pain)
David Dahir (Desire to Destroy)


01. Leaving All Behind
02. A Sign Far Beyond
03. Never Again
04. Forever Unbound
05. Seen Through Time
06. Wakening
07. Releasing the Shadow
08. No Chances Lost

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