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Ark Storm (Jpn) - No Boundaries(2002)

Band: Ark Storm
Album: No Boundaries
Release Year: 2002
Country: Japan (Nagasaki)
Genre: Neoclassical/Power Metal

Current line-up:

Yasuo Sasai - Vocals (Katsu Ohta)
Katsu Ohta - Guitar (Astonishment)
Isamu Takita - Bass
Yuhki - Keys (Galneryus, Castle in the Air, Alhambra, Prophesia, Katsu Ohta)
Ichoro Nagai - Drums (Concerto Moon)

Former/past member(s):

Hiroaki Imanishi - Vocals
Michiroh Yamada - Bass
Takeo Shimoda - Drums (Cyclone (Jpn), Siren (Jpn))


01. Play For You
02. Same Old Faces
03. Big Soldiers
04. Search For The Hidden Treasur
05. Eyes Of The Free Will
06. Phoenix Rising
07. Demon Eyes
08. Like A Living Hell
09. To All The Losers
10. Roar Of The Pharapoh
11. Just Like Water Without Shape

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