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Concerto Moon - Angel of Chaos(2010)

Band: Concerto Moon
Album: Angel of Chaos
Release Year: 2010
Country: Japan (Kagawa)
Genre: Neoclassical/Power Metal

Current line-up:

Takashi Inoue - Vocals (Blood IV)
Norifumi Shima - Guitar (Double Dealer, D.T.F.M., Crystal Clear (Jpn), Dion (Jpn))
Toshiyuki Sugimori - Bass (2009-)
Masayuki Osada - Drums (Blood IV, Crystal Clear (Jpn), Emerald Aisles, Shrieker, Moonstruck (Jpn))

Former/past member(s):

Takao Ozaki

Kosaku Mitani (Double Dealer)
Takanobu Kimoto - Bass (Double Dealer, Precious, Burny Project)(-2009)

Osamu Harada
Toshiyuki Koike - Keyboards (Double Dealer)

Ichiro Nagai (Ark Storm)
Junichi Sato (Galneryus, Mephistopheles (Jpn), Katsu Ohta)
Shoichi Takeoka


01. The Earth Dies Screaming
02. Angel of Chaos
03. Lost In The Dark
04. Right Here, Right Now
05. Gone
06. Dance With The Ghosts
07. Plectrum (Instrumental)
08. Let Me Stay Here
09. Live To Win
10. Just Before Midnight
11. Stand Up And Fight
12. The Voice of My Heart (Bonus Track)

Link: (Hotfile)
Bitrate: 256kbps


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