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Vision Divine - The 25th Hour(2007)

Band: Vision Divine
Album: The 25th Hour
Release Year: 2007
Country: Italy (Massa, Tuscany)
Genre: Progressive/Power Metal

Current line-up:

Fabio Lione - Vocals (1998-2004, 2008- ) (Rhapsody of Fire, Labyrinth, Athena (Ita))
Carlo Andrea Magnani (Olaf Thorsen) - Guitar (Labyrinth, Eddy Antonini)
Federico Puleri - Guitar (2005-) (Exence, Seven Gates, Vexillum (Ita) 9Guest))
Cristiano Bertocchi - Bass (2006- ) (Labyrinth (Ita))
Alessio "Tom" Lucatti - Keyboards (2006- ) (White Skull, Etherna (Ita), guest in Vexillum (Ita))
Alessandro "Bix" Bissa - Drums (2006- ) (Silent Victory, Scream (Ita), Bad Faith, Mastercastle, Angelize (Guest))

Former/past member(s):

Vocals :
Michele Luppi (Skull Keeper, Killing Touch, Mr.Pig)

Bass :
Andrea "Tower" Torricini (Wonderland (Ita), Metal Kings, Holyland)

Drums :
Mat Stancioiu (Labyrinth (Ita), Magnifiqat, Cydonia (Ita), Crown of Autumn, Mandragora Scream, Alice in Darkland, Arkenemy, Pandaemonium (Ita), Demonia)
Ricky Quagliato
Matteo Amoroso (Athena (Ita))
Danil Morini

Keyboards :
Andrew Mc Pauls (Andrea de Paoli) (Shadows of Steel, Expedition Delta, Labyrinth (Ita))
Oleg Smirnoff (Death SS, Anger (Ita), Steve Sylvester, Eldritch (Ita), Shining Fury)


01. My Angel Died
02. The 25th Hour
03. Out of a Distant Night (Voices)
04. Alpha & Omega
05. Eyes of a Child
06. The Daemon you Hide
07. Waiting for the Dawn
08. Essence of Time
09. A Perfect Suicide
10. Heaven Calling
11. Ascension

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