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Kenziner - Timescape(1998)

Band: Kenziner
Album: Timescape
Release Year: 1998
Country: Finland (Suomaniou)
Genre: Neoclassical/Progressive/Power Metal

Last known line-up:

Stephen Fredrick - Vocals (Kinrick, Firewind, Spike)
Jarno Keskinen - Guitars, Bass, Keyboards (Virtuocity)
Brian Harris - Drums (Decay (USA), Firewind, Foul Stench, Michael Harris, Seven Seraphim, The Reefer Hut, Vainglory, Zanister, Darkology)

Former/past member(s):

Dennis Lesh - Drums (Trouble (USA), Stygian (USA), Chastain)
Mikko Härkin - Keyboards (Sonata Arctica, Kotipelto, Wingdom, Essence Of Sorrow, Mehida, Solution .45, Cain's Offering)


01. Future Signs
02. Into The Light
03. Images Of The Past
04. Dreamer
05. Thru The End
06. Timescape
07. Walking In The Rain
08. Seasons
09. In The Silence
10. Land Of Shadows

Link: (Rapidshare)
Bitrate: 320kbps!


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