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Power Quest - Blood Alliance(2011)

Band: Power Quest
Album: Blood Alliance
Release Year: 2011
Country: United Kingdom (Southampton, England)
Genre: Power Metal

Current line-up:

Chitral "Chity" Somapala - Vocals (2010-) (Red Circuit, Court Jester (Deu), Ivanhoe (Deu), Avalon (Deu), Domain (Deu), Firewind, Powerworld, Moonlight Agony, David Shankle Group, Civilization One)
Andy Midgley - Guitars, Backing Vocals (2009-) (Liquid Sky)
Gavin Owen - Guitars (2010-) (Triaxis)
Paul Finnie - Bass (2009-) (Wake (Gbr), The Maslin Incident)
Rich Smith - Drums (2009-) (Cruel Humanity, Aphemia)
Steve Williams - Keyboards, Backing Vocals (2001-) (DragonHeart (Gbr), David Shankle Group)

Former/past member(s):

Alessio Garavello (2001-2009, also rhythm guitars 2006-2008, 2009) (Arthemis, Ground Control, Bad Faith)
Pete Morten (2009-2010) (Soliloquy, Nightmare World, Threshold (Gbr))

Sam Totman (2001-2003) (Demoniac (Nzl), Shadow Warriors, DragonForce, Karnage (Nzl))
Adam Bickers (2001-2003)
Andrea Martongelli (2003-2009, also backing vocals) (Arthemis, Bad Faith, Fear of Fours)
Bill Hudson (2008-2009) (The Supremacy, Circle II Circle, Cellador, Avian (USA), Written in Blood, Ian Parry)
Ben Randall (2009-2010)

Steve Scott (2001-2009, also backing vocals) (DragonHeart (Gbr), Shadow Keep)
Oliver Holzwarth (2009) (Blind Guardian, Paradox (Deu), Coldseed, Sieges Even, Sodom, Demons & Wizards, Looking-Glass-Self, Brutal Godz, Val'Paraiso)

Andre Bargmann (2003)
Gavin Ward (2003) (Nervecell, Caution, Exit Wound, Last Hours of Torment)
Francesco Tresca (2003-2009) (Funeral Cry, Hypnotheticall, Stigmhate, Anemnesi)


01. Battle Stations
02. Rising Anew
03. Glorious
04. Sacrifice
05. Survive
06. Better Days
07. Crunching the Numbers
08. Only in my Dreams
09. Blood Alliance
10. City of Lies
11. Time to Burn (Japanese bonus track)

Link: (Letitbit) & (Depositfiles)
Bitrate: 320 kbps





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