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Hibria - Blind Ride(2011)

Band: Hibria
Album: Blind Ride
Release Year: 2011
Country: Brazil (Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul)
Genre: Power Metal

Current line-up:

Iuri Sanson - Vocals
Abel Camargo - Guitar
Diego Kasper - Guitar
Benhur Lima - Bass (2010-) (Anaxes, Fire Symphony, Ynis Vitrin, Cristian Rigon, Darkest Seed)
Eduardo Baldo - Drums (Fighterlord, Moonlight)

Former/past member(s):

Sávio Sordi - Drums (Fighterlord)
Marco Panichi - Bass


01. Blind Ride (intro)
02. Nonconforming Minds
03. Welcome To The Horror Show
04. Shoot Me Down
05. Blinded By Faith
06. The Shelter's On Fire
07. Beyond Regrets Of The Past
08. I Feel No Bliss
09. Sight Of Blindness
10. Tough Is The Way
11. Rotten Souls

Link: (Letitbit) Or (Turbobit)
Bitrate: 320kbps!



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