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Galneryus(Jpn) - Advance to the Fall (2005)

Banda: Galneryus
Disco: Advance to the Fall
Año: 2005
Pais: Japon
Genero: Neoclassical/Power Metal


Masatoshi Ono - Vocals
Taka - Bass
Syu - Guitar (Animetal, Aushvitz, Masaki Project, {\link
Valkyr (Jpn)}, Spinalcord)
Yuhki - Keyboard (Ark Storm, Castle in the Air, Alhambra, Prophesia, Katsu Ohta)
Junichi Sato - Drums (Concerto Moon, Mephistopheles (Jpn), Katsu Ohta)

01. Stillness Dawn
02. Silent Revelation
03. Ancient Rage
04. Fate of the Sadness
05. Deep Affection
06. Dream Place
07. Glorious Aggressor
08. Whisper in the Red Sky
09. The Scenery
10. Eternal Regret
11. Quiet Wish
12. Fly with Red Wings


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