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DragonForce - T.D.(2010)

Band: Dragonforce
Album: Twilight Dementia [Live]
Release Year: 2010
Country: United Kingdom (London, England)
Genre: Power Metal

Current line-up:

Herman Li - Guitar, Backing Vocals (2001-) (Demoniac (Nzl))
Sam Totman - Guitar (2001-) (Demoniac (Nzl), Shadow Warriors, Power Quest, Karnage (Nzl))
Vadim Pruzhanov - Keyboards (2001-)
Frédéric Leclercq - Bass, Harsh Vocals (2005-) (Carnival in Coal, Heavenly, Maladaptive, Memoria (Fra), Denied (Fra))
Dave Mackintosh - Drums (2004-) (Bal-Sagoth)

Former/past member(s) :

Theart (2001-2010) (Shadow Warriors)

Diccon Harper (2001-2003) (Raven Wolf (Zaf), Pagan Altar, Demoniac (Nzl), Solstice (Gbr), Voice of Destruction)
Adrian Lambert (2003-2005) (Biomechanical, Intense (Gbr), Son of Science)

Drums, Percussion:
Didier Almouzni (2001-2003) (Admortem, DragonHeart (Gbr), Dãm (Gbr), Razor of Occam)


Disc 1

01 Heroes Of Our Time
02 Operation Ground And Pound
03 Reasons To Live
04 Fury Of The Storm
05 Fields Of Despair
06 Starfire
07 Soldiers Of The Wasteland

Disc 2

01 My Spirit Will Go On
02 Where Dragons Rule
03 The Last Journey Home
04 Valley Of The Damned
05 Strike Of The Ninja
06 Through The Fire And Flames

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